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Love to draw and paint with anything. On canvas, board, paper. Trompe l'ceil muralist. Abstract work

Studied at the Corcoran College of Art and Design 1999 - 2004 with William Christenberry, including all of his Master Classes. Was his classroom assistant for four years

Bachelor Degree, University of Maryland, College Park

National Geographic Image Collection Photographer 2010 - 2020 (Collection Disbanded)

Currently Resident MoCA, Museum of Contemporary Art Arlington and

Resident Artist and Visual Documentarian at Aspire, Arlington, Virginia

Instructor -  two-dimensional creative processes at MoCA- September, 2011 - Present

Most recent solo exhibition, "Thresholds", Wyatt Gallery, MoCA Arlington

April - June 2022

 Solo exhibition, "Frictional Harmony", Barry Gallery, Marymount University, Arlington,

Virginia September - October, 2019

Juried into many exhibits with numerous awards for painting and photography since 2000

Live in a 109 year old house on family owned land since 1875, Bethesda, Maryland. Stewarding our property's antique garden with at least 20 peony bushes, fruit bearing cherry tree, double blossom

cherry tree, Bradford pears, dogwoods, lily pond with frogs!, lotus pool and soooo many more flora

and fauna. An ancestral graveyard with five graves. An attic filled with civil war letters, Victorian 

clothes, toys, memorabilia. Every inch of my home and land has a story!

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